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23 Summer Destinations Near and Within Cebu - PART 3

Mantayupan Falls

Mantayupan Falls is nestled near the east edge of Carcar-Barili Road where it joins the national road. Barili is a province that is well-known for its challenging trails, laidback atmosphere and hidden sanctuary of waterfalls. Mantayupan falls is a two-layered waterfall that is around 321 feet high. From its basin you can swim, have fun or just rest in its chilly waters.

 How to get there: Heading to Barili is easy and accessible. First, you have to get to Cebu’s South Terminal and board the Shamrock/ Barili bound bus. Majority of the buses bound there are not air-conditioned and leave once they are filled with passengers. Travel time from South terminal to Barili is around 2-3 hours. From Barili you may ride on a single motor to get you to the falls. Travel time usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

Kawasan Falls

Situated in Badian, Cebu is the Kawasan Falls which exudes serene natural wonders. Kawasan is renowned for its ice-cold flowing waters and among its falls, a 15-minute mounting trek to the 2nd Falls is deemed as the most beautiful and most challenging. Lately though, the background of Kawasan has been too commercialized since structures were erected to accommodate more people who would like to spend a night or two at the area.

 How to get there: Ride a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal and stop by at the Matutinao Church of Badian. Travel time takes about 3-4 hours. From there you start hiking to the falls which is 1.5 km away from the church.

Tumalog Falls

After whale-watching in the morning, you may opt to go trekking to discover the raw exquisiteness of Tumalog Falls. Tumalog Falls or Toslob and Mag-ambak Falls for the locals displays several small umbrellas of cascading falls and is surrounded by lush green vegetation.

 How to get there: You may hire a van or ride a single motor to take you to the highlands of Oslob which takes around 15 minute from the whale-watching area then trek for another 15 minutes to reach the falls.

Inambakan Falls

Another must-visit Falls within the close proximity of Cebu is Inambakan Falls. Inambakan is dotted at Baranggay, Calabawan, Ginatilan and is popular as an attractive and quiet spot for adventure aficionados, campers, rappellers and mountain climbers who take pleasure in hearing the lively sound of the waterfalls. 

How to get there: Travellers who wish to visit Inambakan must set off directly to the South bus terminal. If you are not familiar with the terminal you may ask any staff to lean you to the Ginatilan bus post. Travel time is approximately about 4-5 hours. From Baranggay Calabawan you have to hire a single motorcycle to take you to the 3.9km far waterfalls.

Montaneza Falls in Malabuyoc
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Montaneza Falls estimated to be 100 meters high with a very shallow catch basin. It is one of the most exciting spots to exploe in Malabuyoc since you have to trek several huge rocks and narrow caves and 3 smaller cascading waterfalls. The pathway is deemed to be hard though since there are no ladders or ropes to hold to assist you as you climb but for those who are into breathtaking adventure, rapelling can be even done if the area if you just have the paraphernalia with you.

 How to get there: Take the Ceres Bus in South Bus Terminal of Cebu that is bound for Bato-Barili. Travel time usually takes about 3 hours. From Barili you may hire a singe motor to take you to Montaneza Falls.

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